Lunch box….or 1st aid kit…

Everyone needs to have a good first aid kit. Especially if you are going to be out and about. So, what do you put in your kit…and what do you use for a kit? A nice sturdy container is a good kit for home use, or even in the car. You aren’t as concerned about … Continue reading

Make learning 1st aid fun

First aid can be difficult to teach. Practicing 1st aid frequently is a good thing if you want them to remember what they’ve learned. Of course just reviewing it can be sooo boring to a grade school age kid. So what to do? Maybe a 1st aid teddy bear, or monkey, or any other large … Continue reading

Cub Scouts Core Values….what???

Did you know that Cub Scouting has 12 core values?¬† Do you incorporate the core values into your scouting program? Whether or not you choose to go with the “monthly core value” or with a plan that fits what’s going on in your area at the time, you can easily tie your program to any … Continue reading

What can you feed a hungry Cub Scout

Well, it may be a golden rule that Cub Scouts are always hungry. It’s almost certain that at some point during a meeting one will say “are we going to eat tonight?”. That will undoubtedly be followed by at least one other chiming in with “well, are we going to eat? I’m hungry”. So, what … Continue reading

The Pledge of Allegiance

The debate over “the pause”… Should there be a pause between “one nation” and “under God”?? If your child learned it at school they probably learned it with a pause. Maybe the pause breaks it up so it’s easier to learn. Should the pause be there though? In and excerpt from chapter 4 of the … Continue reading

A Great Tiger Cub Advancement

We have always tried to have a special advancement ceremony for each rank. Let’s face it. Scouts work hard all year long to earn their rank. A little extra effort and pizzazz rather than just handing over badges isn’t too much to ask. And remember, if the ceremony is exciting, the rest of the pack … Continue reading

The Root Beer Ceremony

I believe our scouts would gladly incorporate this ceremony into EVERY meeting if it were up to them. We do limit it to only a few times a year though. I believe the first time I saw it was as an advancement ceremony with each advancing scout adding sugar and water as he came forward … Continue reading